5 Thoughts on “We screened you for ‘dying’ and it came back positive

  1. You shouldn’t be worried, I am sure it’s nothing more than, “Yea… what the hell did you eat yesterday? Jesus!”

  2. Um, if you ate Jesus and they tested you for that, you’re probably in big trouble.

    • I’m sitting here trying to think of what method would they use to test for jesus in the body…and for the life of me can’t figure what that would be….then again I guess they could just test me for cannibalism…but how would they no if it was jesus or jose?

  3. apparently…they just needed to do another drug test on me. See, apparently while I was away from the main terminal, the computer that randomly selects people for drug tests chose me 2 months in a row. Fucking fabulous. So I had to take drug tests 2 days in a row.

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