2 Thoughts on “The bad idea that turned out to be a meal that serves itself…

  1. Freaking AWESOME! When you said you put a knife in there, my first thought was “IDIOT!” I’m not gonna lie. I will be trying this out just to say I did. But…. why not just make toast, butter the bread, put a slice of cheese on and pop it in the microwave?? Just wondering. LOL

    • dreamninja on October 31, 2011 at 4:30 am said:

      Well, to tell you the truth, if I had a metal knife I probably would have stuck that in there, but I’ve only a handful of plastic knives I nabbed from Wendy’s. Granted it would probably make more sense to do as you advised, or even just fry it in a pan like originally intended, but really then it wouldn’t be so few steps, and it certainly wouldn’t serve itself.

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