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So I’m a little addicted to 9Gag.com. One of the posts that was put up was how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster. Impossible you say? Not likely you say? After many posts of people failing it, I would like to say that I was fucking successful. EvilGirlfriend did not support this idea. In fact, she wouldn’t even let me use good slices of bread. Instead she made me dig out the ends of the bread. So, it starts with a toaster, turned on it’s side. Now, I also read on 9Gag that various people were saddened to learn that their toasters were enabled with a safety feature of not being able to turn on when on it’s side. Genius solution…or not so genius as common sense…push the lever down BEFORE turning it sideways. So, bread, butter if you want a better taste, and some sliced cheese. I’m a simple person and just have American cheese.

So, put butter and cheese on one side of the bread, and put in toaster. It’s really not that hard. I think the problem most of the people on the web were having is that they were leaving it alone. See when you turn a toaster on, the little metal things clamp down so that it holds the bread in place. A slice of bread is thin enough that when on it’s side, it won’t touch, but the bread or cheese may start to curl up especially the end pieces and I’ll admit that it did start to smoke a little but I stuck a knife in there to press the cheese down. Now geniuses of the interwebs, I used a plastic knife for reasons that shouldn’t need explaining.


So, the best part of this experiment was not that I succeeded where others failed, it’s really the part that when the toaster popped, the fucking meal served itself. Both slives popped out and stacked onto the table. If I’d had a plate there it would have been 100% perfect. Ok I shouldn’t say 100% because I have an idea on how to make this more awesome.