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So I now have a job…apparently I’m not even supposed to mention what this job is so I’ll just say I work as customer support for a cell phone company. Yay! Complain to me about your bills bitches! It’s so weird to have a 40 hour a week , 8 hours a day office job again. I guess coming from driving a truck, 8 hours of work doesn’t even seem like much, and we take a break every 2 hours. It almost seems…lazy. My trainer is kinda awesome. There are really two, but only one talks. To explain her…she’s from Guam…she has a wife and a son. Her personal heroes are Gordon Ramsey and Judge Judy.  A naked chick on a dragon was the first thing that popped into her mind when talking about offensive tattoos. Total…win. We got a security talk today. They ran us through the whole procedure of emergency situations and the such and during the discussion about shut-in emergencies, like weather…airborn terrorist attacks etc etc, we were warned that while we are not prisoner and allowed to leave in these situations, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, if we leave the building, we are not allowed back in. Win. Read More →

You know how you imagine some people start tweaking when they have too much caffeine? Well imagine me making those same twitchy movements, but not due to an overdose of caffeine or any mood-altering drugs that would actually have a benefit. Instead imagine that me, a person that has been drinking at a minimum 2 or 3 cans of soda a day for pretty much as long as I can remember, is giving up soda. I don’t really know what brainiac moment came over me that I decided to do this, but I haven’t had any carbonated beverages to drink in 4 days now. A friend of mine who had also given up soda a few years ago mentioned I’m supposed to feel awesome a few days after I give it up. I’m still waiting.

It’s really not that hard while I’m on the road. I mean there are a lot of substitutes that I can find and oddly enough I’ve been drinking this weird blueberry pomegranate V8 fusion thing that’s pretty tasty. Really the difficult moment is when I’m forced to eat out and the waitress is like ‘what can I get ya to drink, honey?’ and my response wants to be ‘whatever fucking pepsi you have in the building’ and I say something like ‘water’ or ‘apple juice’.


I must be stupid or something.

A fucking zombie apocalypse needs to happen like right now so I can stop wanting to drink Pepsi.