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I just thought that was a witty title, considering that I’ve not blogged for five months. I have a confession. I was forced to watch the Five Year Engagement. I actually enjoyed it.

No I haven’t gotten engaged. Remember I hate marriage. It’s just been a long 5 months. I’ve been working a lot of long days, and it’s only recently that I’ve started writing again.

I did get a puppy.  Her name is Grand Duchess Faolain VonPixelface. She’s pretty damn ugly. I’m sure by the time I’m done with this I’ll have found a picture to prove this. She’s a mini-pin / pekingese mix.

Went to PAX. Played some games. Got some crap. It was pretty damn glorious. In the same weekend we also got to go to the Guild Wars 2 release party that I won a free GW2 mouse at. Read More →

So it’s been a little over a month since I last posted something up here. It’s not that I’ve been avoiding typing something, really I’ve just been busy. So many things have changed I guess, but not everything. I still have the same job, but instead of being in a classroom. I’m on the phones. We’re in our own apartment now. So is my mother. One crowded household is now three though I’m pretty sure my sister is mad but oh well. Things happened so quickly that it was like one week we were in her place, the next week we were all in different apartments. My apartment is still kind of in shambles. There’s bins and piles of random crap everywhere, not enough furniture and a blow up mattress acting as a couch. Now it seems like all the money and time is going into reclaiming a life that was deserted when I hopped in a semi to drive around. It’s all come down to getting couches, picture frames, gaming systems…I didn’t even know that the Guitar Hero people went under. Sadness. Read More →

So today is the 1 month point of me being off my truck.  I have been going a little insane but I’ve been being pretty productive. I got a job but that doesn’t start for another 2 weeks so instead I’ve been looking up random decoration ideas…from food to cards to random crap in general. Today and the last couple days I’ve been like Martha fucking Stewart and shit. So..here’s a few things I did…

Slices of Jello Shots… (Stolen from here)

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So, today is the last day of what I consider to be young. Goodbye twenties hello thirties. It’s a little funny because I always wondered why tv shows and movies always made fun of people turning 30, as if the difference between how you feel on your birthday and the day before is supposed to be so vast. I suppose I was a little naive. I mean sure, I probably won’t feel very different tomorrow than I do today…because in my mind I guess I’m already old.

I was chatting with an old friend the other day. I say an old friend, but really she’s 6 days younger than I am. We grew apart in high school and rarely spoke in adult hood. In fact I think the last time I saw her was either my 20th or 22nd birthday. I know it wasn’t my 21st because the last thing I wanted was to drink on my 21st birthday, after we’d already been drinking for a few years. In fact I pretty much had to be dragged out by another friend to have my first legal drink which I didn’t even get carded for. I digress. We were talking about how we’ve grown apart, wanting or not wanting kids, marriage, etc etc, and I told her that no matter how distant our friendship, I can still say I’ve known her for half my life. Then of course she pointed out that if we had kids when we met, they’d be graduating high school this year. Ugh to that. Read More →

So, here I am trying to burn a disc and I’m pretty sure my cd-burner is either a douche bag…or racist. I can’t figure out which. Maybe it’s jealous because everything else on the truck has a name, and it doesn’t? Maybe because it’s confused of it’s purpose. Maybe it’s because I rarely burn discs and it’s like ‘well you never pay any attention to me, why the hell should I help you?’

I’m trying to burn Glee CD’s…no I’m not burning them to sell or anything, though I always think it would be hilarious to go truck to truck seeing who would like to partake in the awesomeness that is Glee with me. You see I have this problem where I never remember to stop my iPod when I park, and I never remember to charge it, so really I need to make CDs in the event that I find myself driving down the road with nothing but the 20 songs that’s on satellite radio playing over and over again. Read More →

So, I found this wonderfully awesome cupcake maker at Target. Now, I have been contemplating buying a cupcake maker since I first saw one about 6 months ago or so at a Big Lots. Now, the one I saw was a more sedate version and sure, who wouldn’t want a cupcake maker when you’re not allowed access to a full-ranged oven? So it was put on my list of things to buy for the truck whenever I had a few extra dollars.

Fast forward to December where I’m back in Washington shopping for Christmas presents with my sister at Target. We’re wandering down the toy aisle and low and behold, on the clearance rack I see none other than everyone’s favorite feline adorning the cover no less than the most awesome cupcake maker on the planet of the Earth. Now…I would think that the only thing greater than biting off bits of Hello Kitty’s face, would be a Cylon cupcake maker. If they make those, then I need to find one to go on my list of shit I want but will never have because it’s too expensive, much like the Cylon toaster.

So, I tried out my new non-furry furry-friend cupcake maker, and while I did have to make a few adjustments to recipes (aka more water), it’s friggin awesome. I do have to keep reminding myself that I need to leave a little room for rising or else the cupcakes end up suuuuuper dense. But now I can have awesomeness anywhere I drive, because this cupcake maker is just pure awesomeness.

So EvilGirlfriend has one of those sandwich makers that she tried making a grilled cheese sandwich for me with, and I will say that I didn’t like it. This is not a reflection of her cooking…or pseudo-cooking skills I guess…but really a reflection on how the sandwich maker is really an unnecessary household appliance that perhaps has outlived it’s usefulness in the universe.

Le SandwichMaker is furious at SleepyToaster for stealing it’s job.


Le SandwichMaker

So I’m a little addicted to 9Gag.com. One of the posts that was put up was how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster. Impossible you say? Not likely you say? After many posts of people failing it, I would like to say that I was fucking successful. EvilGirlfriend did not support this idea. In fact, she wouldn’t even let me use good slices of bread. Instead she made me dig out the ends of the bread. So, it starts with a toaster, turned on it’s side. Now, I also read on 9Gag that various people were saddened to learn that their toasters were enabled with a safety feature of not being able to turn on when on it’s side. Genius solution…or not so genius as common sense…push the lever down BEFORE turning it sideways. So, bread, butter if you want a better taste, and some sliced cheese. I’m a simple person and just have American cheese.

So, put butter and cheese on one side of the bread, and put in toaster. It’s really not that hard. I think the problem most of the people on the web were having is that they were leaving it alone. See when you turn a toaster on, the little metal things clamp down so that it holds the bread in place. A slice of bread is thin enough that when on it’s side, it won’t touch, but the bread or cheese may start to curl up especially the end pieces and I’ll admit that it did start to smoke a little but I stuck a knife in there to press the cheese down. Now geniuses of the interwebs, I used a plastic knife for reasons that shouldn’t need explaining.


So, the best part of this experiment was not that I succeeded where others failed, it’s really the part that when the toaster popped, the fucking meal served itself. Both slives popped out and stacked onto the table. If I’d had a plate there it would have been 100% perfect. Ok I shouldn’t say 100% because I have an idea on how to make this more awesome.

So for some reason beyond any comprehension, my brain has been like ‘yo let’s start a new blog, yo.’ I have no idea why my brain wants to start a new blog or why it uses the term ‘yo’ a lot. So I decided that perhaps it was once again time to try that blogging thing again. I do have another blog but due to the fact that it’s about my job and the trials and tribulations related to it, I find the need to be less willing to express how I really feel about day to day life (i.e. my decision to attempt to keep swearing out of it when really I’m worse than, forgive the immeasurably over-used term, a drunken sailor.)  Ergo, it ends up  being boring more times than not and less updated than I’d originally hoped to keeping it. So…yeah. And here is a picture of something else I haven’t finished…a sock monkey that I’ve been working on for over a year.

This is supposed to be a sock monkey