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So for some reason beyond any comprehension, my brain has been like ‘yo let’s start a new blog, yo.’ I have no idea why my brain wants to start a new blog or why it uses the term ‘yo’ a lot. So I decided that perhaps it was once again time to try that blogging thing again. I do have another blog but due to the fact that it’s about my job and the trials and tribulations related to it, I find the need to be less willing to express how I really feel about day to day life (i.e. my decision to attempt to keep swearing out of it when really I’m worse than, forgive the immeasurably over-used term, a drunken sailor.)  Ergo, it ends up  being boring more times than not and less updated than I’d originally hoped to keeping it. So…yeah. And here is a picture of something else I haven’t finished…a sock monkey that I’ve been working on for over a year.

This is supposed to be a sock monkey