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So, here I am trying to burn a disc and I’m pretty sure my cd-burner is either a douche bag…or racist. I can’t figure out which. Maybe it’s jealous because everything else on the truck has a name, and it doesn’t? Maybe because it’s confused of it’s purpose. Maybe it’s because I rarely burn discs and it’s like ‘well you never pay any attention to me, why the hell should I help you?’

I’m trying to burn Glee CD’s…no I’m not burning them to sell or anything, though I always think it would be hilarious to go truck to truck seeing who would like to partake in the awesomeness that is Glee with me. You see I have this problem where I never remember to stop my iPod when I park, and I never remember to charge it, so really I need to make CDs in the event that I find myself driving down the road with nothing but the 20 songs that’s on satellite radio playing over and over again. Read More →

So, I found this wonderfully awesome cupcake maker at Target. Now, I have been contemplating buying a cupcake maker since I first saw one about 6 months ago or so at a Big Lots. Now, the one I saw was a more sedate version and sure, who wouldn’t want a cupcake maker when you’re not allowed access to a full-ranged oven? So it was put on my list of things to buy for the truck whenever I had a few extra dollars.

Fast forward to December where I’m back in Washington shopping for Christmas presents with my sister at Target. We’re wandering down the toy aisle and low and behold, on the clearance rack I see none other than everyone’s favorite feline adorning the cover no less than the most awesome cupcake maker on the planet of the Earth. Now…I would think that the only thing greater than biting off bits of Hello Kitty’s face, would be a Cylon cupcake maker. If they make those, then I need to find one to go on my list of shit I want but will never have because it’s too expensive, much like the Cylon toaster.

So, I tried out my new non-furry furry-friend cupcake maker, and while I did have to make a few adjustments to recipes (aka more water), it’s friggin awesome. I do have to keep reminding myself that I need to leave a little room for rising or else the cupcakes end up suuuuuper dense. But now I can have awesomeness anywhere I drive, because this cupcake maker is just pure awesomeness.