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In my original thought for the name of this website, I really just wanted a new email address, one that didn’t end in @gmail.com. For the love of me, I don’t know why I had one for so long that did end in such a trite and overused .com. For over a decade, I’ve had my own websites and various .coms that I just simply didn’t use. Since I hate most of the websites I currently have, I decided I’d just start from scratch and come up with something that was easy for people to understand when I told them, yet made them go…eh? And not in a Canadian way. For some reason my mind was set on Sleepytoaster.com. That was the easy part. Then I polled about..4 people…yes I was that dedicated, to trying to find a suitable way to begin that. Everyone attempted to come up with witty kitchen references and I was like ‘dreamninja’ and they were like ‘that has nothing to do with toasters’ and I was like ‘I know isn’t it awesome?’

Anyway I digress. I don’t really know what to say about me. I used to be a help desk technician, where I learned everything from working on computers to working on phone patches and making TV cable lines, till I accepted the fact that I know nothing about computers and their hardware or software issues. I used to be a web designer till I realized that I was too unmotivated to be a good one. I used to be a lot of things, but then I became a truck driver. I have a girlfriend, let’s call her EvilGirlfriend from now on, who says that yes I’m awesome at computer stuff and yes I’m an awesome web designer, but that I can’t drive straight. I was constantly thwarting comments from people/relatives questioning my sanity about going from the technology field to driving a truck. No one understands that this was just a grand scheme to prepare for when either aliens invade or zombies infect the world. Not only will I be able to get some destroyed computer working in an attempt to reach civilization, but I will also be able to rewire a telephone switchboard, then create a website in which I will gather survivors (since everyone knows that zombies don’t go online), and then pick them up in a semi…tho the semi will only work against zombies because everyone knows that zombies can’t get into semis, but aliens infect them…see Transformers for proof. Now I’m finally off the road and moved to Washington state and I’m in customer service, but not in a weird prostitutish way.

Anyway, enjoy.

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