So, here I am trying to burn a disc and I’m pretty sure my cd-burner is either a douche bag…or racist. I can’t figure out which. Maybe it’s jealous because everything else on the truck has a name, and it doesn’t? Maybe because it’s confused of it’s purpose. Maybe it’s because I rarely burn discs and it’s like ‘well you never pay any attention to me, why the hell should I help you?’

I’m trying to burn Glee CD’s…no I’m not burning them to sell or anything, though I always think it would be hilarious to go truck to truck seeing who would like to partake in the awesomeness that is Glee with me. You see I have this problem where I never remember to stop my iPod when I park, and I never remember to charge it, so really I need to make CDs in the event that I find myself driving down the road with nothing but the 20 songs that’s on satellite radio playing over and over again.

My drive is some stupid cd-rw/dvd-rw/bd-rom stupid piece of crap and I’m pretty sure it’s racist. I bought these Memorex Color CD-Rs and my drive burned on the red and blue just fine but as soon as I put the black disc in, it was all ‘please insert a blank disc’ and no it won’t burn anything anymore. Seriously drive don’t you realize it’s like 2012, and not like 1950? Either that, or it’s a douche bag. Seriously I just want to burn a new disc because I need to replicate the giddy joy I feel every time I hear Naya Rivera’s awesome voice changing to pick up the lines of Nicki Minaj’s Fly. Seriously.

So CD burner…I have but one thing to say you

2 Thoughts on “No Me Gusta! I’m pretty sure my cd-burner is a douche bag

  1. … Sounds like a racist cd burner to me. What an asshole.

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