So it’s been a little over a month since I last posted something up here. It’s not that I’ve been avoiding typing something, really I’ve just been busy. So many things have changed I guess, but not everything. I still have the same job, but instead of being in a classroom. I’m on the phones. We’re in our own apartment now. So is my mother. One crowded household is now three though I’m pretty sure my sister is mad but oh well. Things happened so quickly that it was like one week we were in her place, the next week we were all in different apartments. My apartment is still kind of in shambles. There’s bins and piles of random crap everywhere, not enough furniture and a blow up mattress acting as a couch. Now it seems like all the money and time is going into reclaiming a life that was deserted when I hopped in a semi to drive around. It’s all come down to getting couches, picture frames, gaming systems…I didn’t even know that the Guitar Hero people went under. Sadness.

Glee had it’s season finale on Tuesday. Season 3 is probably my most favorite out of all of them and I can’t wait for it to come out on dvd as well as next season. This season finale most of the cast graduated and although the fans have been assured that all the fulltime cast members are coming back next year, it’s still unknown as to how often or how they even will come back. Well, Brittany failed and they made it seem like Santana was thinking of staying in town because of that, so although it’s bad for the character’s life and stuff, I’d be ecstatic if Santana stayed around full time for next season. Ah well time will only tell what will happen there.

I have to add that occasionally EvilGirlfriend gets some good ideas and I do have to shout out that she picked up a ROKU which is by far friggin awesome. I can watch the entire 3rd season via hulu plus. Win!

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