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I’ve been up for 20 minutes so far today and my brain is in a weird place. I sat down and was going to choose a Glee video to post on Facebook. Then in the related videos I saw a Buffy video, which then led me in this weird spiral of videos that only youtube has the power to do. This led me to watching a few videos with Willow and Tara. I decided to post a blog about gay people. Yes I know I know some of you will think “We already know you’re a flaming homosexual.” and I’m like, well no shit Sherlock. That’s not what this is about. It’s also not about some political agenda that has anything to do with the coming elections. Well it does but only in a very far off related point. Granted I’ve not opposed to all the strives and measures that people have been making in the department and yes I would like everyone to have equal rights, but how can there be equality when there isn’t an equal amount of exposure.  And what do I mean by that? Read More →

I just thought that was a witty title, considering that I’ve not blogged for five months. I have a confession. I was forced to watch the Five Year Engagement. I actually enjoyed it.

No I haven’t gotten engaged. Remember I hate marriage. It’s just been a long 5 months. I’ve been working a lot of long days, and it’s only recently that I’ve started writing again.

I did get a puppy.  Her name is Grand Duchess Faolain VonPixelface. She’s pretty damn ugly. I’m sure by the time I’m done with this I’ll have found a picture to prove this. She’s a mini-pin / pekingese mix.

Went to PAX. Played some games. Got some crap. It was pretty damn glorious. In the same weekend we also got to go to the Guild Wars 2 release party that I won a free GW2 mouse at. Read More →

So, today is the last day of what I consider to be young. Goodbye twenties hello thirties. It’s a little funny because I always wondered why tv shows and movies always made fun of people turning 30, as if the difference between how you feel on your birthday and the day before is supposed to be so vast. I suppose I was a little naive. I mean sure, I probably won’t feel very different tomorrow than I do today…because in my mind I guess I’m already old.

I was chatting with an old friend the other day. I say an old friend, but really she’s 6 days younger than I am. We grew apart in high school and rarely spoke in adult hood. In fact I think the last time I saw her was either my 20th or 22nd birthday. I know it wasn’t my 21st because the last thing I wanted was to drink on my 21st birthday, after we’d already been drinking for a few years. In fact I pretty much had to be dragged out by another friend to have my first legal drink which I didn’t even get carded for. I digress. We were talking about how we’ve grown apart, wanting or not wanting kids, marriage, etc etc, and I told her that no matter how distant our friendship, I can still say I’ve known her for half my life. Then of course she pointed out that if we had kids when we met, they’d be graduating high school this year. Ugh to that. Read More →

So with one of those impending milestone birthdays approaching on the 6th of March, one has to sit around and reflect back on the life they led, the accomplishments they made, and the lives they’ve changed. Myself, I’m just sitting here wondering if it would be lame to ask Naya Rivera to wish me a happy birthday on twitter.  Hah. Actually I’m usually put off by celebrities re-tweeting people asking to be re-tweeted for charities and random occasions. Granted I’d be frigging ecstatic if out of the blue the entire cast of Glee and all of my favorite bloggers tweeted for me to have a happy birthday, I’m not going to ask them to do it. I was contemplating sending a birthday request to Nathan Fillion to take a picture of himself with twine so that for my birthday, The Bloggess would get her year-long wish granted, but I’m thinking if he did take a picture now, it would ruin the wonder that has become of his reluctance to grant the wish (see the wonder here). In reality, I’m hoping that maybe this year I’ll be too busy to even check twitter, but I doubt it Read More →

You know how you imagine some people start tweaking when they have too much caffeine? Well imagine me making those same twitchy movements, but not due to an overdose of caffeine or any mood-altering drugs that would actually have a benefit. Instead imagine that me, a person that has been drinking at a minimum 2 or 3 cans of soda a day for pretty much as long as I can remember, is giving up soda. I don’t really know what brainiac moment came over me that I decided to do this, but I haven’t had any carbonated beverages to drink in 4 days now. A friend of mine who had also given up soda a few years ago mentioned I’m supposed to feel awesome a few days after I give it up. I’m still waiting.

It’s really not that hard while I’m on the road. I mean there are a lot of substitutes that I can find and oddly enough I’ve been drinking this weird blueberry pomegranate V8 fusion thing that’s pretty tasty. Really the difficult moment is when I’m forced to eat out and the waitress is like ‘what can I get ya to drink, honey?’ and my response wants to be ‘whatever fucking pepsi you have in the building’ and I say something like ‘water’ or ‘apple juice’.


I must be stupid or something.

A fucking zombie apocalypse needs to happen like right now so I can stop wanting to drink Pepsi.

I’ve been moderately sick for about a week now, and pretty fucking sick for the past day. My nose has been alternating between resembling that of the Hoover Dam, to resembling the Nile River. I’m also pretty sure there’s a frog living in my throat, or a rat…now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it’s a rat because only a rat would make it so damn dry, and proceed to try to claw it’s way up and out.  Between sniffling and coughing and for some reason an odd amount of tears that are pouring out with no emotional attachment to them, what was worse was the damn hives I started getting yesterday. Now I’ve had hives before, and I know well enough not to scratch them or they just spread like a forest fire. So after the first 5 or 6 bumps started popping up, I had to repeat to myself “Don’t scratch, Don’t scratch, Don’t scratch!” Then for some reason it was like my body decided to reject the tattoos it’s had for years. My tattoos on both arms started swelling up as huge hives and it was fucking painful as all hell. But, alas the swelling has gone down, but I think my brain is lacking oxygen. So in preparation for my impending death, or Día de los Muertos, whichever comes first, I made a mask.