I’ve been up for 20 minutes so far today and my brain is in a weird place. I sat down and was going to choose a Glee video to post on Facebook. Then in the related videos I saw a Buffy video, which then led me in this weird spiral of videos that only youtube has the power to do. This led me to watching a few videos with Willow and Tara. I decided to post a blog about gay people. Yes I know I know some of you will think “We already know you’re a flaming homosexual.” and I’m like, well no shit Sherlock. That’s not what this is about. It’s also not about some political agenda that has anything to do with the coming elections. Well it does but only in a very far off related point. Granted I’ve not opposed to all the strives and measures that people have been making in the department and yes I would like everyone to have equal rights, but how can there be equality when there isn’t an equal amount of exposure.  And what do I mean by that?

Gay people are assholes too.

Explanation! There’s this new show on, The New Normal, made by the fabulous Ryan Murphy. It’s about a gay couple having a surrogate mother for their baby. It’s a pretty funny show but I think all the fun and humor comes from Nene Leakes and the damn racist grandmother and not so much anything else. This is the type of gay relationship portrayal I hate with a passion. They portray a gay couple adhering to obvious gay stereotypes of shopaholics and flamboyant obsessions with dinner parties and clothes, with no conflict worth mentioning. Any sort of conflict between the two is resolved 10 seconds later with a sad puppy dog face and a G-rated kiss. This is just so, typical of where Hollywood is with gay couples in movies and shows. There’s always some quirky gay couple or character who happens to be the best friend of the main character to save the day with added whit and humor. This is just one of the two portrayals of gay and lesbian plot lines that irritate me.

Glee veered off in the other direction that is the other plot course that irritates me. The ever so present over-dramatic over-produced crying game times a million storyline. The, we’re going to make so and so gay and then have to show the bullying and self-awareness and declaration. Blah blah blah. Ok I get it, gay people have hard lives sometimes. I got bullied in high school for being gay. That doesn’t mean I want to vicariously live it over again through my favorite TV show. Yes I understand it’s about awareness and trying to show the true stories of how “It gets Better” and all that shit, but I don’t need my TV to be a podium for gay rights. Sometimes I just want to sit down and watch TV.  So we had to sit through 2 seasons of Kurt being bullied and then a third season of Santana coming out and dealing with it and Kurt’s bully trying to kill himself. Look, I love Glee, and frankly Santana and Brittany arehot, but their story lines suck and when they became an official couple, it was like their chemistry went straight out the window. Santana, notorious for being a smart-assed sharp-whitted sassy bitch, turned into a sappy crying mess that proclaimed her deep dying devotion every other episode. Every single interaction between them is a “moment” that requires a song or a close up or an explanation. In seasons 1 & 2 you see them always in the background touching each other, having fun with each other, season 3 and 4, it’s like someone’s sitting in the director’s chair screaming “Now close up as they hold hands!” Then they broke them up after no real conflict in their relationship. Just, oh this is hard, let’s not do this anymore, but I’ll still love you. BULLSHIT.

Now I appreciate that 20 years ago, this shit wouldn’t even be on TV, and we’ve made tremendous strides as a civilization to actually have this aired.  But 10 years ago, I think Joss Whedon hit the nail on the head with the type of gay relationship I would prefer to see on TV. Willow and Tara had fucking awesome chemistry together. From the moment they met, it was amazesauce. And the best fucking thing about it? Most of the courting was done off-screen. They would be practicing spells together, and there’d be a touch that lingered too long, or a glance that was too friendly, and it became a “dude they’re totally a couple” realization that wasn’t fully mentioned. Until Oz comes back, in what is my favorite episode of Buffy ever, when Willow officially comes out. But the best part about the coming out scene? WILLOW NEVER SAYS IT. She never actually says “I’m gay.” but instead says that Oz’s return to Sunnydale is “complicated because of Tara” and Buffy’s reaction is fucking amazing. I love that look of confusion then discomfort in Buffy’s eyes as she stumbles over what to say. Then how Oz finds out because Tara is wearing Willow’s sweater, genius. I loved the subtle progression of it and the sadness of Tara’s role in that episode. I am forever grateful for the relationship that evolved around the simplest exchange of dialogue.

Tara: “You mean…?”

Willow: “I mean.”

I fucking love that Willow and Tara went together so well, and had major arguments. Willow was a fucking asshole who lied and became obsessed with magic and tried to cover it up by erasing Tara’s memories. They broke-up and it took a long time for them to come back together. Then Tara dies and Willow tries to destroy the world in her grief.

I long for the days when gay people aren’t seen as gay.  I want to be the status quo. I want that gay couple on tv to just be another couple, and not the loveable best friend or sitcom cashcow. There are only two labels in my life that I care to judge people by. Asshole or Non-asshole.

And this is where my asshole friend Ryan will say “None of it’s not real life.”

And now for your musical interlude

One Thought on “Admit it, even gay people are assholes too

  1. Vamp Willow appears in the third season episodes “The Wish” and “Doppelgangland”. She is capricious and aggressive, the opposite of Willow’s usual nature; her bad behavior so exaggerated that it does not instill fear into the viewer like other female vampires in the series, but indicates more about Willow’s personality. Shocked upon seeing her alter ego in “Doppelgangland”, Willow states “That’s me as a vampire? I’m so evil and skanky. And I think I’m kinda gay.” Angel is stopped by Buffy in telling the Scoobies that the vampire self carries many of the same attributes as the human self.

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